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      ◆采用先進的 WINDOWS NT分布成網絡系統,多任務并發處理


      ◆實時遠程維護,網絡服務器通過 INTENT互聯網,可方便于用戶進行升級維護








      Characteristics of the integrated system 

      Powerful system extensions to the network server for the data center to facilitate the expansion of various syster

      Flexible position layout, the subsystem can be self-independent complete flexibility in layout

      WINDOWS NT using advanced distributed networking systems,multi-task concurrent treatment

      A variety of network co-exist effectively Net Industrial Complex together with the local area network system in self-control feature that lets the system tell you their own fault lies modular design,standard module of industrialization so that maintenance becomes more convener 

      The real-time long-distance maintenance, the network serverthrough the INTENT Internet, may facilitate in the user carries on the promotion maintenance

      Improved data capabilities, an open database structure, users provide the basis for the second development, in line with therequirements of JTT 478-2002

      Software Features 

      WINDOWS platform operation, friendly man-machine interface Provide intelligent automatic functions built table, build complex

      table becomes as easy as typing WORD

      Intelligent automatic detection, no need to log in without

      detection, freely scheduling all-digital communications, high  reliability industrial module to facilitate maintenance Freedom pre-queuing system link or bar code or TC card

      system that allows the entire management from disorder to order

      Online data maintenance, online scheduling Detected